Scheduled Tutoring Sessions

Given the fast pace of today’s high school math and physics curriculum, compounded by the many unknown course delivery factors caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the need for ancillary help with these courses is greater than ever. For that reason, Ted Kaplan Tutoring has modularized numerous short tutoring modules that have been designed based on his 18+ years of experience teaching and tutoring students in these subjects.


  • Each tutoring session is limited to a maximum of eight (8) students.
  • In each session, we include and solve “typical” problems that students are likely to encounter on class tests.
  • NOTE: These modules are tutoring sessions, intended to reinforce what the student has been learning in his/her regular class, and is not a teaching-for-the-first-time class. Therefore, we expect that the student has attended class, read the textbook material, and attempted the classroom homework assignments. We cover quite a bit of material in the 90-minute sessions.
  • Our tutoring sessions reinforce and track the topics and skills specified by the Massachusetts Common Core State Standards.
  • Notice that each tutoring module is scheduled several times during the period when the course material is covered in class. Check this website regularly as we frequently update the offerings and dates as the academic year progresses, and find a topic and date that meets your student’s needs.
  • Register directly on this website, with direct class sign-up and secure online payment. Upon receiving the student’s registration, a confirmation will be sent to you via email, along with worksheets that we will cover in the online, live tutoring session. Registration should be made at least one day prior to the session. Pay as you go on a module-by-module basis. There is no further commitment. Price per person is $85 per session.
  • For those students who are unable to attend a scheduled, small group tutoring session, or for the student who needs help with several topics, s/he may schedule a private 1-on-1 session with Ted Kaplan Tutoring. Private session price is $125 for a 90 minute 1-on-1 session. Call or email to set up a private tutoring session.
  • The student should have a TI-83 or 84 graphing calculator, a computer with good WIFI service, microphone & webcam, printer, and cell phone with the ability to take pictures of worksheets to be emailed.

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